Increase booking conversions

Capture new users and current users to book more

PetSwapp allows people to book with points instead of cash. My role was to find out the reason for no more growth in new users and low conversions to bookings and provide a solution.

I collaborated with two UX design interns, software engineers, advisors, and the founder. My biggest challenge was to lead the team as a lead designer and as a product manager at the same time. I worked on the bolded tasks below (Process Overview).


My Role



Figma, Jira, Notion, Google sheets, Maze

Aug 2022 - Sep 2022


A Design Leadership

Deeper Look

PetSwapp launched in January 2022. They currently have 1226 accounts, 509 profiles, and less than 200 successful bookings. 58.4% of users don’t create their profiles, and 65% haven’t booked pet sittings. To understand these numbers, I critique the app for heuristic analysis, and I read interview scripts done by the founder.

Insights from user interviews and heuristic analysis

Unclear user flow was the most critical, and there needed to be more information hierarchy.

  • Confused after onboarding and after booking due to lack of information

  • Overwhelmed with choices of hosts

  • Undelivered business idea and its concept

Requests from the founder

  • Send a message to hosts on behalf of PetSwapp because users feel awkward asking for a booking request themselves

  • Add an “invite to meet” button like the app "Bark Happy" to offer meet-ups before booking requests

  • Add a list of users so hosts can earn more points because hosts have no way of knowing who needs a stay unless they get requested

  • Don't want to require hosts to fill out their availabilities

Process Overview




  • User interviews

  • Stakeholder interview

  • Competitive research

  • Heuristic analysis

  • Journey mapping

  • User flow

  • Wireframes

  • Prototypes

  • Usability Tests

  • Iterations

After the first stakeholder interview, I decided to skip some steps due to the limited timeframe. The founder already had conducted interviews with the current users. Even though the interview script didn't include all questions, I would've asked, spending too much time on UX research could have been more efficient because some of the problems were obvious to me, which was found during heuristic analysis.

I spent most of my time on user flow since the most critical reason for users not booking on PetSwapp is that it needs to be clearer. After the flow was confirmed with the stakeholders, two other interns worked on flows for after-booking and for hosts to ensure the new design would work flawlessly.

Current User Flow

current user flow
current user flow


  • Endless lists of pet sitters in both list view and map view

  • Not enough information about pet sitters for users to trust them and book

  • Unclear guidelines on how treats can be used for booking

  • Confusing communication after booking

Potential Solutions

  • Reduce six bottom navigation buttons to less than five

  • Filters for search results

  • Progress bar during the booking process

  • Visual communication to explain how "treat" works

New User Flow

Key Wireframes

Usability Test


The first usability test showed that the dog treat icon for the Treats Wallet got a 100% click rate. It was great because users needed clarification about how this Treats Wallet works, but at the same time, this took away the opportunity to explore other things on the home screen. So I made some changes.

Final High-fidelity Prototype


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